• Middle East Construction Fair Middle East 8 th Construction Materials, Construction Technologies, Electric Systems,Construction Works Machinery, Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning and Installation Supplies Fair

    15.03.2018Tüyap Diyarbakır Fair Center
  • Diyarbakir Agriculture - Stock Breeding Fair 9 th Middle East Agriculture, Stock Breeding, Poultry and Dairy Industry Fair

    04.04.2018Tüyap Diyarbakır Fair Center
  • Diyarbakir Cosmetics and Personal Care Fair

    20.09.2018Tüyap Diyarbakır Fair Center
  • Marriage and Wedding Planning Fair 2018, 2nd Marriage Preparation, Housing Projects, Furniture, Accessories, Decoration, Glassware, Wedding Gowns, Evening Dresses, Dowry, Carpet, Wedding Organization, White Goods and Home Electronics Fair

    20.09.2018Tüyap Diyarbakır Fair Center
  • Diyarbakir Autoshow 2018, 4 th Automobile, Commercial Vehicles, Motorcycle, Bicycle and Accessories Fair

    02.10.2018Tüyap Diyarbakır Fair Center
  • Gourmet 2018, Diyarbakir Food And Regional Tastes Fair Food, Beverage, Regional Products, Food Processing, Pastry Technologies, Storage, Cooling Transportation, and Shop-Market Equipment Fair

    14.11.2018Tüyap Diyarbakır Fair Center