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  • Diyarbakir 7th Book Fair
    24.09.2019 / 29.09.2019Tüyap Diyarbakır
  • Diyarbakir Cosmetics And Personal Care Fair 2019
    17.10.2019 / 20.10.2019Tüyap Diyarbakır
  • Marriage and Wedding Planning Fair 2019 3rd Marriage Preparation, Housing Projects, Furniture, Accessories, Decoration, Glassware, Wedding Gowns, Evening Dresses, Dowry, Carpet, Wedding Organization, White Goods and Home Electronics Fair
    17.10.2019 / 20.10.2019Tüyap Diyarbakır
  • Gourmet 2019 Diyarbakir Food And Regional Tastes Fair Food, Beverage, Regional Products, Food Processing, Pastry Technologies, Storage, Cooling Transportation, and Shop-Market Equipment Fair
    13.11.2019 / 17.11.2019Tüyap Diyarbakır