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  • Konya Agricultural 2019 Konya 17th Agriculture, Agricultural Mechanization and Field Technologies Fair
    19.03.2019 / 23.03.2019Tüyap Konya
  • MAKTEK Konya Machine Tools, Metal – Sheet Metal Processing Machines, Tool Holders – Cutting Tools, Quality Control – Measurement Systems, CAD/CAM, PLM Software and Manufacturing Technologies Fair
    10.04.2019 / 13.04.2019Tüyap Konya
  • Konya Real Estate Fair 3. Housing, Office, Land, Invesment, Financing Fair
    25.04.2019 / 28.04.2019Tüyap Konya
  • Konya Construction Fair 2019 16th Construction, Construction and Works Machinery, Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning, Installation and Natural Gas Technologies Fair
    25.04.2019 / 28.04.2019Tüyap Konya
  • Konya Urban 2019 15th Municipal Necessities, Urban Furnishings, Landscaping, Fire Engines and Fire Safety Fair
    25.04.2019 / 28.04.2019Tüyap Konya
  • Konya Furniture Fair 2019, 9th Furniture, Interior Architecture, Decoration, Whiteline Goods, Home Textile, Home Electronics and Accessories Fair
    25.04.2019 / 28.04.2019Tüyap Konya