Urban decoration
 Urban Furniture
 Statues, Decorative Figures
 Wire Fences and Hedges
 Open and Closed Area Illumination Systems
 Decorative Pools and Fountains, Artificial Ponds
 Floor Covering Materials
 Pavement Arrangement
 Grass Stones Mosaic, Marble and Natural Stones
 Sports Equipments
 Prefabricated Structures, Mobo Cabins
 Portable Toilets
 Natural and Artificial Grass
 Landscape Plants
 Garden Equipment
 Mobile Sale Vehicles
 Billboards, Led Signboards
 Bus Stops and Their Equipments
 Flag Poles, Flags and Pennants
 Road Separators and Road Signs
 Urban Sports and Entertainment
 Concert and Show Areas Infrastructure, Decoration and Systems
 Tent Systems
 Natural and Synthetic Courts
 Tennis Courts, Athletics Tracks, Golf Courses
 Spectator Tribunes
 Track and Court Materials
 Sports Facilities’ Infrastructure Materials
 Dressing Room Equipments
 Swimming Pools
 Sportswear and Sports Materials
 Sportsmen Health Materials and Nourishments
 Condition Equipments
 Amusement Park Equipments
 Ball Pools
 Bouncy Castles
 Game machines
 Climbing Walls
 Artificial Trails and Chutes
 Urban Vehicles
 Heavy Construction Machinery and Equipments
 Garbage Trucks
 Street Sweeping and Washer Vehicles
 Snow Plough Vehicles
 Fire Engines
 Police and Towing Vehicles
 Funeral Vehicles
 Fork-lift Trucks
 Paver Finishers
 Road Marking Machines and Equipments
 Spraying Machines and Spraying Materials
 Tree Lifters and Treeplanting Vehicles
 Busses, Vans, Midibusses
 Metro, Tram and Train
 Urban Technologies
 Fire Detection and Fire Extinguishing Systems
 Security Systems
 Building Automation Systems
 Parking Lot Automation Systems
 Building Entrance Turnstile Systems
 Vending Machines
 Telecommunication System
 Computer Systems and Software
 Signaling Systems
 Counter Systems
 Cooling, Heating, Ventilation Systems
 Moving walkways
 Transportation Infrastructure Services,
 Utility Services Infrastructure ,
 Communication Infrastructure Services, Drainage Equipments ,
 Drilling Equipments,
 Pipes, Pumps and Valves,
 Hydrophores, Vents, Manholes,
 Project / Contract / Application Services
 Environmental and Recycling
 Solid Waste Collection, Processing and Recycling Units – Equipments
 Water Collection, Processing and Recycling Units – Equipments
 Waste Gas Treatment Systems
 Renewable Energy Systems
 Measuring, Analysis and Laboratory Equipments
 Noise, Voice and Air Pollution Measurement and Prevention Equipments
 Project / Contract / Application Services


Presidents, Vice Presidents and Purchasing Executives from Public and Construction Sectors
Municipal Councils and Councilors
Urban Planners
County Councils and Councilors
Landscape Architects
Architects and Engineers
Universities and Educational Institutions
Environmental Arrangers
Site Administrators
State Institutions and Organizations
Waste Management Executives
The fair was visited by 6.200 visitors.
Fair hosted 650 foreing visitors from 12 countries in 2016.
The Mayors and Deputy Mayors visited the fair from 149 different municipality of Turkey.

Fulden Kaya

Project Secretariat

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Tüyap Fairs and Exhibitions Organization Inc..
Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center, Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Eski Hadımköy Yolu Caddesi 9/1, 34500 Büyükçekmece, ISTANBUL
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  • As a result of domestic and overseas marketing activities of the fair, providing professional connections with domestic and foreign industruy professionals.


Eurasia Urban, 18th Urban Decoration Sports & Entertainment Vehicles Technologies Infrastructure Environmental & Recycling Fair



23.11.2017 - 24.11.2017: 10:00-19:00
25.11.2017: 10:00-18:00 


Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Eski Hadımköy Yolu Caddesi 9/1, 34500 Büyükçekmece – İSTANBULTüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Eski Hadımköy Yolu Caddesi 9/1, 34500 Büyükçekmece – İSTANBUL