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  • Eskisehir Agricultural, International Agriculture, Agricultural Mechanization and Field Technologies Fair
    04.09.2019 / 08.09.2019Tuyap Eskisehir
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    International Food Products & Processing Technologies Exhibition
    04.09.2019 / 07.09.2019Tuyap Istanbul
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    GameX International Digital Game and Entertainment Exhibition
    05.09.2019 / 08.09.2019Tuyap Istanbul
  • Windo Lviv– International Exhibition for Window Door Glass Industries – L’VIV / UKRAINE
    10.09.2019 / 12.09.2019Overseas Fair
  • Buildexpo & Climexpo Africa, Africa's Building & Construction & Heating, Cooling And Ventilation Fair
    12.09.2019 / 14.09.2019Overseas Fair
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    International Zuchex Home & Kitchenwares Fair
    12.09.2019 / 15.09.2019Tuyap Istanbul
  • Eastern Anatolia Erzurum Breeding Fair Stock Breeding, Stock Breed Technology, Dairy Industry, Feed Industry Fair
    18.09.2019 / 22.09.2019Tuyap Erzurum
  • Eastern Anatolia Erzurum Agriculture Fair Agriculture, Agricultural Mechanization,Field Technologies Fair
    18.09.2019 / 22.09.2019Tuyap Erzurum
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    SIGN Istanbul, International Industrial Advertising and Digital Printing Technologies Exhibition
    19.09.2019 / 22.09.2019Tuyap Istanbul
  • Samsun Agriculture Fair The Agriculture, Stock Breeding and Technologies Fair
    25.09.2019 / 29.09.2019Tuyap Samsun
  • Diyarbakir Book Fair
    28.09.2019 / 06.10.2019Tuyap Diyarbakır
  • Cukurova Furniture Decoration Furniture Adana, Home and Office Furniture, Decoration, Lighting, Home Textile, Garden Furniture, Home Electronics and Accessories Fair
    01.10.2019 / 06.10.2019Tuyap Adana
  • Other Organizer
    ISK-SODEX Istanbul – International HVAC, Refrigeration, Pumps, Valves, Fittings, Water Treatment and Insulation Exhibition
    02.10.2019 / 05.10.2019Tuyap Istanbul
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    Pool Expo – Pool, SPA, Sauna Equipment and Accessories Exhibition
    02.10.2019 / 05.10.2019Tuyap Istanbul
  • Bursa Agriculture Bursa International Agriculture, Seed Raising, Saplings and Dairy Industry Fair
    08.10.2019 / 12.10.2019Tuyap Bursa
  • Bursa International Stock Breeding And Equipment Fair
    08.10.2019 / 12.10.2019Tuyap Bursa
  • Maktek Izmir, Machine Tools, Metal – Sheet Metal Processing Machines, Tool Holders – Cutting Tools, Quality Control – Measurement Systems, CAD/CAM, PLM Software and Manufacturing Technologies Fair
    09.10.2019 / 12.10.2019Tuyap Izmir
  • Kayseri Furniture Fair
    09.10.2019 / 13.10.2019Tuyap Kayseri
  • WoodTech Wood Processing Machines, Cutting Tools and Hand Tools Fair 2019
    12.10.2019 / 16.10.2019Tuyap Istanbul
  • Intermob International Furniture Side Industry, Accessories, Forestry Products and Wood Technology Fair 2019
    12.10.2019 / 16.10.2019Tuyap Istanbul
  • Erzurum Food and Regional Tastes Fair - Food, Drink, Regional Delicacies, Food Processing, Bakery Products Technologies, Storage, Refrigeration, Transportation and Market Equipment Fair
    16.10.2019 / 20.10.2019Tuyap Erzurum
  • Bursa International Marble Block Fair
    23.10.2019 / 26.10.2019Tuyap Bursa
  • Eurasia Packaging Istanbul International Packaging Industry Fair
    23.10.2019 / 26.10.2019Tuyap Istanbul
  • Food-Tech Eurasia, International Food and Beverage Technologies Fair
    23.10.2019 / 26.10.2019Tuyap Istanbul
  • Eskişehir Hobby, Sports and Souvenir Fair
    24.10.2019 / 27.10.2019Tuyap Eskisehir
  • Artist, İstanbul Art Fair
    02.11.2019 / 10.11.2019Tuyap Istanbul
  • International Istanbul Book Fair
    02.11.2019 / 10.11.2019Tuyap Istanbul
  • Adana International Agriculture Fair, Agriculture Livestock, Poultry and Dairy Industry Fair
    05.11.2019 / 09.11.2019Tuyap Adana
  • Adana Greenhouse And Garden Fair, Greenhouse, Horticulture, Sapling, Seeds, Flowers and Technologies Fair
    05.11.2019 / 09.11.2019Tuyap Adana
  • SANTEK Eastern Marmara Industry and Technology Fair
    06.11.2019 / 09.11.2019Tuyap Kocaeli
  • Foodex Saudi, International Food and Beverage Exhibition Fair
    11.11.2019 / 14.11.2019Overseas Fair
  • Gourmet Diyarbakir Food And Regional Tastes Fair Food, Beverage, Regional Products, Food Processing, Pastry Technologies, Storage, Cooling Transportation, and Shop-Market Equipment Fair
    13.11.2019 / 17.11.2019Tuyap Diyarbakır
  • Other Organizer
    Flower Show Istanbul Eurasia Plant Fair International Istanbul Ornamental Plants, Landscaping and Supporting Industries Trade Fair
    14.11.2019 / 16.11.2019Tuyap Istanbul
  • Eskisehir Construction Building Materials, Construction Technologies, Engineering and Construction Machinery Fair
    14.11.2019 / 17.11.2019Tuyap Eskisehir
  • Samsun Food Fair The Samsun Food and Beverage, Food Processing Technologies, Packaging and Logistics Fair
    21.11.2019 / 24.11.2019Tuyap Samsun
  • Automation Fair Bursa International Electric, Electronic and Machinery Automation Fair
    28.11.2019 / 01.12.2019Tuyap Bursa
  • International Metal Processing Machinery, Welding, Robotic Technologies and Side Industries Fair
    28.11.2019 / 01.12.2019Tuyap Bursa
  • Bursa Sheet Metal Processing Technologies Fair International Sheet Metal,Pipe, Profile Processing Technologies and Related Industries Fair
    28.11.2019 / 01.12.2019Tuyap Bursa
  • Plast Eurasia Istanbul, International Istanbul Plastics Industry Fair
    04.12.2019 / 07.12.2019Tuyap Istanbul
  • Adana Homebuilding Fair,Marriage Preparations, Housing, Furniture, Accessories, Decoration, Tableware, Bridal Gowns, Groom Suits, Evening Gowns, Dowries, Rugs, Wedding Planning, Durable Goods, Home Electronics Fair
    12.12.2019 / 15.12.2019Tuyap Adana
  • Junioshow Bursa International Baby, Kidswear & Kids Necessities Fair
    08.01.2020 / 11.01.2020Tuyap Bursa
  • Baghdad Turkish Health, Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, Hygiene and Health Tourism Sectoral Turkish Export Products Fair
    12.01.2020 / 15.01.2020Overseas Fair
  • Baghdad Turkish Build, Construction, Building Materials, Contruction and Construction Machinery Sectoral Turkish Export Products Fair
    12.01.2020 / 15.01.2020Overseas Fair
  • Baghdad Turkish Agrofood, Food, Food Technologies, Packaging and Cleaning Materials Sectoral Turkish Export Products Fair
    12.01.2020 / 15.01.2020Overseas Fair
  • Cukurova Textile and Ready Clothing Fair, Ready Clothing, Fabric, Side Industry and Accessories Fair
    05.02.2020 / 08.02.2020Tuyap Adana
  • Istanbul Stationery & Office Fair ,International School, Stationery, Paper, Office Supplies and Toy Fair
    19.02.2020 / 23.02.2020Tuyap Istanbul
  • Adana Construction, Building Materials, Construction Technologies, Engineering and Construction Machinery Fair
    19.02.2020 / 22.02.2020Tuyap Adana
  • Adana Urban, Municipal Supplies, Urban Furniture, Parks and Public Gardens, Landscaping, Environment Technologies and Sporting Facilities Fair
    19.02.2020 / 22.02.2020Tuyap Adana
  • Adana Hvc, Heating, Ventilation, Cooling Natural Gas Technologies, Installation and Insulation Fair
    19.02.2020 / 22.02.2020Tuyap Adana
  • International Istanbul Yarn Fair
    27.02.2020 / 29.02.2020Tuyap Istanbul
  • Eurasıa Glass Glass Products and Applications, Production-Processing Technologies and Machinery, Auxiliary Products and Chemicals Fair
    04.03.2020 / 07.03.2020Tuyap Istanbul
  • Eurasıa Door International Door, Shutter, Lock, Panel, Board, Partition Systems and Accessories Fair
    04.03.2020 / 07.03.2020Tuyap Istanbul
  • Eurasia Window International Window,Window Shade,Facade Systems And Accessories, Profile, Production Technologies And Machinery,Insulation Materials, Raw Materials And Auxiliary Products Fair
    04.03.2020 / 07.03.2020Tuyap Istanbul
  • Middle East Construction Fair, Middle East Construction Materials, Construction Technologies, Electric Systems, Supplies and Automation, Construction Works Machinery, Natural Gas, Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning and Installation Supplies Fair
    12.03.2020 / 15.03.2020Tuyap Diyarbakır
  • Konya Agriculture, Agricultural Mechanization and Field Technologies Fair
    17.03.2020 / 21.03.2020Tuyap Konya
  • Expomed Eurasia, International Istanbul Medical Analysis, Diagnosis, Treatment, Rehabilitation, Laboratory Product, Device, System, Technology, Equipment and Hospitals Fair
    19.03.2020 / 21.03.2020Tuyap Istanbul
  • Istanbul Toy Fair Toy, Play and Baby Fair
    19.03.2020 / 22.03.2020Tuyap Istanbul
  • Cukurova Furniture Related Industry Fair, Furniture Related Industry, Accessories, Upholstery, Door, Window and Wood Working Technologies and Forestry Products Fair
    26.03.2020 / 29.03.2020Tuyap Adana
  • Cukurova Wood Processing Machines Fair, Wood Processing Machines, Cutting Drilling Tools, Presses and Hand Tools Fair
    26.03.2020 / 29.03.2020Tuyap Adana
  • Bursa Building Fair, Building, Construction Materials, Decoration and Accessories, Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning and Technologies Fair
    09.04.2020 / 12.04.2020Tuyap Bursa
  • Rising City Bursa Resıdentıal Estate Show, Housing, Office, Land, Investment and Finance Fair
    09.04.2020 / 12.04.2020Tuyap Bursa
  • PlastPak Izmir Plastic and Packaging Technologies Machinery and Equipment Fair
    15.04.2020 / 18.04.2020Tuyap Izmir
  • International Clothing Machinery Fair
    17.09.2020 / 20.09.2020Tuyap Istanbul