• worldfood-istanbul25.11.202028.11.2020WorldFood Istanbul 2020 Fair at the Tuyap Istanbul Fair Centerhttp://www.worldfood-istanbul.com/Page/visitor-registrationhttp://www.worldfood-istanbul.com/Page/visitor-registrationhttp://www.worldfood-istanbul.com/Book-a-standThe food sector, which is constantly developing and growing in parallel withthe increasing population in Turkey and throughout the world, will once againbe the focus point at WorldFood Istanbul. WorldFood Istanbul, which is theexport door of the food sector, will be the gathering all related professionals with its 26 years of experience.assets/img/fuar-logo/istanbul-worldfood-logo-tr.jpgworldfood, worldfood istanbul fair, worldfood food fair, istanbul food fair,
    25 - 28  November  2020

    WorldFood İstanbul

  • junioshow-bursa-international-baby-kidswear-kids-necessitiestuyapbursa@tuyap.com.tr13.01.202116.01.2021Junioshow - 15th Bursa International Baby, Kidswear & Kids Necessities Fairhttp://junioshow.com/en/participation-formJUNIOSHOW, where the trends of autumn and winter season in for July, in the the ready-to-wear sector of baby and kids between the ages of 0-12 will be exhibited, is a significant platform bringing the bests of the sector together in January 13-16, 2021 assets/img/fuar-logo/bursa-junioshow-logo.pngjunioshow fair, junioshow, baby fair, children's clothes, children's garment fair,
    13 - 16  January  2021


  • cukurova-textile-and-ready-clothingtuyapadana@tuyap.com.tr03.02.202106.02.2021​Çukurova Textile and Ready Wear Clothing Fair opens its doors for the second time at TUYAP Adana International Fair and Congress Center between February 3-6, 2021http://cukurovahazirgiyimfuari.com/en/participation-formÇukurova Textile and Ready Wear Clothing Fair opens its doors for the second time at TUYAP Adana International Fair and Congress Center between February 3-6, 2021, where the latest innovations and trends in the ready-to-wear, textile sector will be exhibited and constitutes an effective marketing infrastructure for domestic and foreign visitorsassets/img/adana-tekstil-450-2020-en.jpgÇukurova textile, ready clothing fair
    03 - 06  February  2021

    Çukurova Textile and Ready Clothing

  • karavanist-istanbul-caravan-equipment-and-accessories-fairinfo@karavanist.com06.02.202114.02.2021KARAVANİST Fair, which is the meeting point of those who love to be in touch with nature and turn their route to blue and green, will be held in TÜYAP Fair Conventions and Congress Center, Istanbul - TURKEY on 06-14 February 2021.assets/img/fuar-logo/karavanist-logo.jpg
    06 - 14  February  2021


  • outdoorist-outdoor-sports-water-sports-equipment-camping-materials-and-bicycle-fairinfo@outdoorist.com06.02.202114.02.2021OUTDOORİST Fair, which is the meeting point of those who love to be in touch with nature and turn their route to blue and green, will be held in TÜYAP Fair Conventions and Congress Center, Istanbul - TURKEY on 06-14 February 2021.assets/img/fuar-logo/outdootist-logo.jpg
    06 - 14  February  2021


  • istanbul-stationery-office-fair-info@istanbulstationeryoffice.com 17.02.202121.02.2021https://davetiye.tuyap.online/indexEn.php?Fid=2920https://davetiye.tuyap.online/indexEn.php?Fid=2920http://kirtasiyeofisfuari.com/en/participation-formIstanbul International Stationery Office Fair will be held for the fifth time at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center between February 17-21, 2021 with the support of the All Stationery Association (TÜKİD). As the first and only fair organization company to be entitled to receive the TSE Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate, we will meet again between February 17-21, 2021 at our center for taking all hygiene measures. We will host you with "contactless fair experience" with increased hygiene measures this year at Istanbul International Stationery Office Fair, which brought together 11.144 professionals from nearly 80 countries with the leading companies of the sector last year./assets/img/kirtasiye-640-2020.pngTrueIstanbul Stationery & Office Fair 2020http://kirtasiyeofisfuari.com/en/participation-formTo Exhibit#008080assets/img/kirtasiye-450-2020-en.pngistanbul
    Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center - Buyukcekmece / ISTANBUL
    http://www.istanbulstationeryoffice.comstationery-toysassets/img/kirtasiye-1920-2020.pngassets/img/kirtasiye-330-2020-en.jpgIstanbul Stationery & Office Fair 2020<strong><u>Product Groups</u></strong><br /> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>Stationery and School Supplies</strong> <ul> <li>Paper and Paper Supplies</li> <li>Student Tools and Equipments</li> <li>Pre-school and Nursery School Supplies</li> <li>Educational Publishings</li> <li>School Bags</li> <li>Textile Consumer Goods</li> </ul> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>Office Supplies</strong> <ul> <li>Office Desktop and File Supplies</li> <li>Office Machines</li> <li>Office Consumables</li> <li>Laminating ve Binding Machines</li> <li>Stamp and Stamp Machines</li> <li>Calculator Machines</li> <li>Labeling Machines</li> <li>White Boards and Meeting Presentation Products</li> <li>Office and Travel Bags</li> </ul> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>Writing Materials</strong> <ul> <li>Writing Materials</li> <li>Writing Accessories</li> <li>Painting and Drawing Materials</li> </ul> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>Hobby Materials and Gift Products</strong> <ul> <li>Hobby and Artistic Materials</li> <li>Hobby and Art Books</li> <li>Hobby and Artistic Paints</li> <li>Gift Products</li> <li>Promotion Products</li> </ul> <strong>Licenced Supplies and Toys</strong> <ul> <li>Licensed Stationery</li> <li>Licensed Toys</li> <li>Licensed Bags</li> <li>Toys</li> <li>Educational Toys</li> <li>Board Games</li> </ul> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>Other</strong> <ul> <li>Packaging and Packaging Supplies</li> <li>Display Stands and Shelves</li> <li>Work Safety Consumer Products</li> </ul> <ul> <li>Stationery Wholesale and Retailers</li> <li>Stationery, Office Consumables, Chain Store Executives</li> <li>Stationery and Publishing House Executives</li> <li>Bag and Luggage Retailers</li> <li>The State Supply Office and Procurement&nbsp; Executives</li> <li>Executives of&nbsp; Educational Institutions</li> <li>Purchasing Managers of Companies</li> <li>Hobby and Arts &amp; Crafts Materials Retailers</li> <li>Luxury and custom made goods&nbsp; Shop Owners</li> <li>Media and Press Institutions</li> <li>Toy and Gift Shop Retailers</li> <li>Purchasing Directors of Private Companies</li> <li>Promotion Agencies</li> <li>Art School Administrators</li> <li>Wholesale</li> <li>Publishers, Printing&nbsp; Offices and Blueprints</li> <li>Others</li> </ul> 5 halls 40.000 sqm exhibition area 9.798 domestic 1.256 foreign 11.054 professional visitors from 79 countries<strong>Tüyap Fairs and Exhibitions Organization INC.&nbsp;</strong><br /> Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center, Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Eski Hadımköy Yolu Caddesi 9/1, 34500 Büyükçekmece, ISTANBUL<br /> <strong>Phone:</strong>+90(212) 867 11 00<br /> <strong>Fax:</strong>+90(212) 886 66 98Istanbul Stationery Office Fair, which brings together the world markets under one roof, is preparing to bring the leader of the sector together again. We would like to thank all our exhibitors for their participation and welcome our visitors to TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center between 19-23 February!
    17 - 21  February  2021

    İstanbul Stationery & Office Fair, International School, Stationery, Paper, Office Supplies and Toy Fair

  • adana-constructiontuyapadana@tuyap.com.tr24.02.202127.02.2021http://www.adanainsaatfuari.com/en/participation-formAdana Construction 2021 Buying committees from inside and outside Turkey were organized Representatives from cities of Turkey with a developed real estate industry have met with the participating companies. The volume of business created by the buying committees have contributed to the development of the industry, as well as to local and national economy.assets/img/fuar-logo/adana-insaat-logo-en.jpgadana construction, buildings, buildings technologiesadana
    24 - 27  February  2021

    Adana Construction


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