Tüyap’s Products & Services 

Exhibitions and trade shows are among the most powerful marketing investments. If you’ve decided to be an exhibitor at one of our trade shows, now it is time to focus on ensuring your investment’s full potential is realized. Tüyap’s products and services conveniently provide the right solutions to enhance your trade show experience.

How to Prepare for an Exhibition Efficiently? 

Since trade shows are vital for accomplishing marketing goals, preparing for an exhibition is always a big deal for exhibitor companies. A specific marketing plan enables you to design effective marketing actions. We offer sufficient solutions for those actions. Our products and services reinforce your marketing activities and ease your operational workload. Our offerings allow you to focus on your main objectives while we cater to you. We suggest you consider the matters below before preparing for an exhibition.


Save Time, Money and Effort 

Utilize our products and services that allow
you to save time, money, and effort; reduce
overall expenses compared to out-sourcing.

Boost Your Presence at the Show 

Increase your exposure and boost engagement
with a specialized audience by using advertising
opportunities and visual services.

Improve Your Presentation

Choose from our stand packages and use our
furniture rental service to maintain an impressive
look and a professional brand image among visitors. 

Treat Your Special Guests

Reserve meeting rooms for private negotiations
to create a professional impression on your guests
and provide them an enhanced experience as well.

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