New Generation Business Connection Platform

The platform, where the manufacturers and service providers can meet with potential buyers regardless of time and place, allows you to continue your business uninterrupted.

Why Should I Choose MyTüyap Connect Platform?






What Can I Do?

  • You can create a profile that describes yourself and your interests.
  • You can find the product you need with the extensive product guides and contact the seller.
  • You will constantly gain new connections thanks to the MyTüyap Smart Matching System.
  • You can make an online meeting with the company you are interested in, either by messaging.
  • You can quickly access the solution you are looking for with your smart search and personalized page experience.
  • You can create pages where you can display your company and products in Turkish - English.
  • You can create a profile for your company officials and your potential business partners can reach you more easily.
  • Search and filter among the buyers in the system, send a request! Whether you text or meet online!
  • With the Smart Matching System, you can quickly interact with the business contacts suggested to you.
  • Manage all your contacts, calendar, availability and much more in one place.

Experience combined with technology!

MyTüyap Connect is an innovative product of our hybrid fairs perspective, which we have been maintaining for years, with the 41 years of experience of Tüyap Fairs Group in providing the right business connection and our vision of New Generation Fairs.

You can be found, connected and safe for the right target audiences with MyTüyap Connect just like in fairs!

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