74.889 Visitors from 101 Countries WPM & Intermob Dynamized the Industry with a Record of Visitors in 2017

Wood Processing Machinery & Intermob has managed to gather leader companies of woodworking and furniture subsidiary industry and industry professionals once again by setting a new record; 74.889 visitors from 101 countries. The fairs which were organised by Reed Tüyap with the cooperation of industrial associations, AIMSAD and MAKSDER; were highly acclaimed by the entire industry
As the most prestigious meeting point of the industry throughout Eurasia Wood Processing Machinery & Intermob fairs were organized concurrently between October 14-18 2017. The fairs which were held with 842 exhibitors & co- exhibitors from 34 countries, has proven once again that they are the most prestigious trade hub for their industries throughout Eurasia where the newest Technologies and most innovative products are showcased. While total visitor number increases 3%, The fairs had a remarkable success with a 16% increase of international visitors.

Promatt Special Section

Promatt; Mattress Manufacturing Subsidiary Industry, Equipment, Raw Materials and Machinery Special Section is organized for the second time alongside Intermob at Hall 13. The special section which has managed to gather the leader mattress subsidiary and accessories manufacturers with industry professionals from bed & mattress sector, has contributed Intermob Fair by expanding the fair’s product scale.
Industry 4.0 Conference

 “Industry 4.0; Future of Woodworking Industry” conference were held with the cooperation of Reed Tüyap and Chamber of Forest Engineer on the third day of the fair.The future of the industry were discussed in detail at the conference which drew great interest.

Looking Forward for 2018 Edition

Wood Processing Machinery-Intermob Fairs & Promatt Special Section will be held on October 13-17, 2018 at Tüyap Fair, Convention and Congress Center.  BACK TO PREVIOUS PAGE