Added value of 37 billion dollars to the economy from Tüyap in 2022


Turkey's leading fair company Tüyap reached a total of 3,750,772 businesspeople from 216 countries with its 49 fairs in 2022. Thanks to the fairs in which 12,247 companies from 60 countries participated, an added value of 37 billion dollars was contributed to the Turkish economy. Tüyap Fairs Group CEO Zeynep Ünal Öztop stated that they made great contributions especially to the economy and tourism sectors thanks to their fairs in 2022, and said Tüyap will continue to work, produce and add value.


Tüyap, the only private sector fair organization with its own fair center in Turkey, has announced its year-end data for 2022. Having hosted nearly 50 fairs in total in Istanbul, Bursa, Adana, Konya and Samsun in 2022, Tüyap Fairs Group made significant contributions to the country's economy. Providing employment in many fields from the accommodation sector to food and beverage, from shopping to transportation in the provinces where fairs are organized, Tüyap also contributed to the country's economy with the flow it created in cultural, social and economic terms. 3,750,772 businesspeople attended the physical fairs and online events organized by Tüyap, which operates in 6 cities and 4 countries abroad with nearly 500 employees. The fairs hosted 12,247 companies from 60 countries as participants, and there were 8,609 registered brands.

High quality visitors from many countries

120,435 products were exhibited in 2,347 'unique' categories in the fairs throughout the year, and the countries that visited the fairs the most were Iran, Russia, Algeria, Iraq, Germany, Egypt, Bulgaria, Jordan, Libya, Uzbekistan, Tunisia and Italy. Istanbul Book Fair, Konya Agriculture Fair and MAKTEK Eurasia Fair held in 2022 were among the most visited fairs in their categories. The fairs visited by the largest number of foreign visitors were Eurasia Packaging Fair, Textile Machinery Fair (ITM) and Istanbul Furniture Fair.

Business and satisfaction together

Striking results were also obtained in the satisfaction percentages of the participants who visited Tüyap's fairs. 82 percent of the participants in the fairs in 2022 stated that they will "participate in the same fair" for the next year, 78 percent stated that they "reached their goal" during the fair, and 89 percent stated that they "found the right target audience at the fair". The rate of visitors who said "they would participate in same fair" for the next year was 79 percent, and "the rate of finding suppliers" for foreign businesspeople was 84 percent.

Great contribution to the economy and tourism sectors

Stating that they made great contributions to the economy and tourism sectors thanks to their fairs this year, Zeynep Ünal Öztop, CEO of Tüyap Fairs Group, said, "Thanks to our fairs, value-added orders of 37 billion dollars were realized in the economy and tourism sectors. In this sense, we made significant contributions to the country's economy."

Targeting to become a global player

Stating that Tüyap continues on its way with the target of becoming a global player by getting beyond the borders of our country, Ms. Öztop said, "In this context, we will organize ALL4Wood and WindoShow Fairs in Serbia in March 2023. We will organize a fair in Serbia, which is a very important region in terms of location, and we will exhibit our experience in fairs as a Turkish company. Additionally, this year, we joined forces with Ptak Warsaw Expo, one of the largest fair companies in Poland, for organization and promotion. At this point, we have paced the commercial relations of our country."



"We will continue to contribute to the trade of various sectors with new projects"

Ms. Öztop noted that they started their work for 2023 without slowing down, and said, "We will continue to work, produce and add value in the next year as well. We are already drafting agreements for our new fair projects. For this, we are signing agreements with industry representatives and associations. Hostech by TUSID, Istanbul EDT Expo, Fastener Expo Eurasia and Franchise Istanbul Expo will be organized by Tüyap Fair Group next year. IDEF'23 International Defense Industry Fair will be hosted by the Turkish Ministry of National Defense, with the contributions of the Turkish Presidency, Defense Industry Directorship, under the management and responsibility of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation and under our organization, at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center between 9-12 May 2023. Furthermore, our brand fair in many fields from plastic to machinery, from packaging to medical and furniture will be held again next year. Additionally, by organizing national participation organizations in 6 fairs in 5 countries, we will enable Turkish companies to easily participate in fairs in other countries, as well. We will continue to contribute more intensively and with new projects to various sectors next year."