Exports Reach 5 Million Usd At The Çukurova Textile And Ready Wear Fair

08.03.2020Exports reach record levels at the Çukurova Textile and Ready Wear Fair… The fair was held for the first time in Çukurova region andreceived a great deal of attention from international and domestic visitors. The event was attended by industry representatives from all around Turkey as well as an international purchasing committee of 250 buyers from 34 different countries. Industry professionals had access to a wide variety of products from women's wear to men's clothing, from children's garments to a wide selection fabrics. They managed to establish significant business contacts. Both participants and visitors were very happy with the outcome the fair that contributed greatly to the textile industry.
TÜYAP Adana Çukurova Textile and Ready Wear Fair was the focus of attention. With this fair, the textile and ready wear industry proved once more that it is a major driving force behind the region' economy.In 5 days, 10.456 industry professionals attended the fair. Among the visitors were buyers from major brands around Turkey and abroad. Although this was the first time the fair took place, the quality level of the products at the fair was high and the fair left a lasting impact that, according to many attendees, exceeded those of other international textile events. Çukurova Textile and Ready Wear Fair firmly claimed its place among the important events for textile industry representatives.
5 Million US Dollars in export orders
TÜYAP Adana Fairs A.Ş. and Adana Ready Wear Platform conducted significant analysis of the textile sector prior to holding the fair have reaped the results of their efforts. The fair ended leaving many exhibitors and visitors equally happy, which is evident in the 5 million USD business volume. A further 15-20 million USD as a result of business connections established at the fair, is expected to contribute to the region's economy.
TÜYAP Adana Fairs Regional Director Salih Gökmen said: "We held the Çukurova Textile and Ready Wear Fair for the first time this year. We hosted visitors from all around Turkey; Van to Denizli, Gaziantep to Samsun, İstanbul to İzmir. Furthermore, we had international attendance from 34 countries, although we promoted the fair in only 22 countries.Many visitors discovered the fair by themselves, including 2 visitors from as far as American Samoa. Some of these visitors reached us by phone to get informationabout the fair while others arrived here completely independent of any fair organization. Next year we will set up the fair on a much larger space and will invite more visitors to increase attendance. Çukurova Textile industry demonstrated its strength once more during this fair."
Deputy Director of Adana Chamber of Commerce Assembly Birkan Işık said the visitors were very happy with the fair. Işık, who is also a member of the Adana Ready Wear Platform continued his comments saying, "This fair was a must for the textile and ready wear sector in the region. The Platform and TÜYAP collaborated closely during the past year to organize this fair. We worked hard to reach every producer and every buyer in the Çukurova region and invited them to the fair. All visitors and exhibitors left the fair happy, which was the best reward we could receive. We have already started working on the next year's fair which our shortcomings this year will be remedied and the fair will reach a new level."
Erdem Şen, a member of Adana Chamber of Commerce Assembly and Adana Ready Wear Platform pointed out to the potential of the textiles industry and shared his impression of the fair. He said: "Çukurova region holds a significant potential in textiles and ready wear which statistics support. Nevertheless, this potential has not been completely explored until recently. This is the reason we moved to break the shell and make an attempt to open a new venue. We met with representatives from TÜYAP Fairs and initiated the step towards a reginal fair. TÜYAP Adana Regional Director Salih Gökmen and his team put a great deal of effort in organizing this fair and the as a result the strength of the industry in our region is firmly demonstrated. Next year we intend to double the strength and set up the most significant textiles fair in Turkey, right here in Çukurova."
Adana Chamber of Commerce, Textiles Consultant and Adana Ready Wear Platform Member Mehmet Savatlı mentioned that "There was a great deal of international interest in the fair.  250 commercial buyers from 34 countries is an important indicator. When we set up our targets together with TÜYAP Adana Fairs, we focused on 22 countries. The fair became much more visible than the level we promoted and advertised. There were inquiries from countries who learned about it independently from our promotions. Eventually the attendance increased from 22  countries to 34." Savatlı also mentioned that this was only the first year and the demand and appreciation of the event created this year will be driving the next year's growth.
Another member of the Adana Ready Wear Platform, Nezir Sun added, "In addition to international markets, we also hosted significant names from the domestic market. Çukurova region has become a preferred location for many major brands. Sun is very happy with the interest the fair has created.
Professional Visitors from 34 Countries
The fair was attended by 250 commercial buyers from American Samoa, United Kingdom, United States, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Georgia, Azerbaijan, The Netherlands, Croatia, Kosovo, Poland, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Morocco, Israel, Tunis, Lebanon, Algiers, Austria, Brazil, Northern Cyprus, Moldova, Oman, Slovenia, Yemen, Syria and United Arab Emirates. Exhibitors and visitors held B2B meeting in special reserved meeting areas and has signed significant business deals. When the fair ended, everyone agreed it was a great success. BACK TO PREVIOUS PAGE