Great interest in Turkey in export of healthcare products

9.11.2020Domestic and national medical devices, protective products which are the secret heroes in Turkey's fight against pandemic will be exhibited at 27th Expomed Eurasia Fair which is organized by Reed Tüyap Fairs Inc. which a member of Tüyap group of companies, until November 7th.  Attending to the opening of the fair via online video, Deputy Health Minister Prof. Dr. Emine Alp Meşe said "In the extraordinary process we are in, were saw that the countries which have domestic production ecosystem overcame the medical device supply problems more easily. Producing a product is as important as marketing it. Therefore, Expomed Eurasia is very valuable to us." Member of Tüyap Board of Directors and Assistant General Manager for Strategic Marketing Zeynep Ünal Öztop stated that they raised the bar at Expomed Eurasia with hybrid fair organization and indicated that 40 percent and 90 percent of the visitors at the physical fair and on the online platform were foreigners, respectively.
27th Expomed Eurasia Fair where the heart of healthcare and medical device sector which now has increased importance and responsibility due to pandemic was opened today. Organized in İstanbul by Tüyap Fuarcılık as one of the group companies of Tüyap, Expomed Eurasia International İstanbul Medical Analysis, Diagnosis, Treatment, Protection, Rehabilitation, Laboratory Product, Device, System, Technology, Equipment and Hospitals Fair will continue until 7th November. Held with a hybrid understanding upon being strengthened with the digital applications offered to the participants and visitors, the fair featured surgical mask, disinfectant etc. products which are extensively used during the pandemic process and also domestic and national medical devices.
"We realized the importance of production during the pandemic"
Connecting to the opening of the fair through video conference Deputy Health Minister Prof. Dr. Emine Alp Meşe said "The pandemic showed once again the one who produces is the one who keeps hold of the power. In the extraordinary process we are in, were saw that the countries which have domestic production ecosystem overcame the medical device supply problems more easily. We have benefited from the fact that our country is a producer in terms of both respiratory devices and consumables, and protective products such as surgical mask and disinfectants".
“Expomed Eurasia is very valuable”
Emphasizing the importance of marketing a product and reaching to international markets in addition to manufacturing it, Ms. Meşe stated that Expomed Eurasia, which is the largest gathering for the medical device sector held in our country is very valuable for this reason. Highlighting that they are placing importance to public-private sector and university cooperation for the development of the sector Prof. Dr. Emine Alp Meşe said: "Medical device sector is an innovative, dynamic, multidisciplinary sector with the advancing technology and it is a very important sector for safeguarding and improving public health and also for sustainability of healthcare services. Acquiring a major share as a country in the medical device market which has reached to 400 billion dollar volume globally is possible through supporting our manufacturers in all platforms and increasing public-industry cooperation. Turkey made significant way in middle-high level medical device production rather than low technology level medical devices. While medical device import of our country has decreased by 15 percent in the last 5 years, its export has increased by 36 percent. Consistent improvements in such data present the will of our manufacturers for opening up to the world and acquiring a lasting position."
Visitors and participants are gathering online
Being followed with interest in Turkey and nearby geography for 27 years, 45 agencies from 21 countries and nearly 250 brands participated in Expomed Eurasia this year. Foreign visitors being more than 40 percent despite the extraordinary pandemic conditions and travel restrictions throughout the world has drew attention. Organizing face to face fairs which have been started again two months ago, Tüyap has taken hybrid fair experience to a higher level with Expomed Eurasia. Member of Tüyap Board of Directors and Strategic Marketing Assistant General Manager Zeynep Ünal Öztop explained the new practice as: "In a regular year there used to be a higher demand to our fair in one year. We initiated Business Connect Program for participants and visitors who are not able to participate in the fair due to travel restrictions this year. We received nearly 5 thousand pre-registrations for the online platform which was introduced to the use of all participants".

Nearly 1500 visitors visited on the first day
VIP procurement committees brought from more than 20 countries in North Africa, Middle East and Balkans by Tüyap are participating in Expomed which will offer major opportunities to Turkish healthcare sector in furthering export this year. Foreign purchasers from 51 countries visited the fair which is to be held with the participation of manufacturers, exporters and representative companies in the fields of hospital structure and medical facility management, orthopedics, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, electromedical equipment, medical and laboratory technologies, consumables and disposable medical products on its first day. Online meetings in Expomed Eurasia, which is a hybrid fair are also going on intensively. While nearly one thousand foreign purchasers visited the online platform on the first day of the program, nearly 50 meetings were held.
Domestic and national electroshock device
Domestic and foreign visitors attending to the fair will be able to view the domestic technological wonders which are launched for the first time. ASELSAN's domestically developed electroshock device is only one of them… Introduced to the healthcare sector in line with Turkey's domestic and national goals in the industry, ASELSAN's Heartline Automatic External Defibrillator (OED) will be introduced for being viewed by investors and healthcare professionals for the first time at Expomed. ASELSAN's Heartline Automatic External Defibrillator (OED) which is used for performing critical intervention in cases of cardiopulmonary arrest will be presented to the visitors of the fair at ASELSAN's booth until November 7th.
 "We are aware of our responsibility"
Organizing fairs with the motto of 'health for trade' in the new era, Tüyap succeeded to become the first and the only fair organizer company entitled to Turkish Standards Institution  Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate upon satisfying the requirements of Covid-19 Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Control Certification Program of the Institute of Turkish Standards.  Member of Tüyap Board of Directors and Strategic Marketing Assistant General Manager Zeynep Ünal Öztop indicates that they pay attention to the health of their stakeholders. Stating that the series of measures they have taken in the new era will be implemented extensively in Expomed Eurasia Fair too, Mrs. Öztop said "We are now accepting participants and visitors to our fairs with HES code.  Use of surgical mask and social distancing is our essential rule too. Also, we designed our fair in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, including hygiene application, body temperature measurement, common areas conforming to social distancing requirements, improvements in HVAC systems. We are acting with the responsibility of being the first and the only fair organizer company which is entitled to Turkish Standards Institution Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate". BACK TO PREVIOUS PAGE