10.11.2018Organized By TÜYAP Fairs in partnership with the Turkish Publishers Association, the 37th International Istanbul Book Fair opened on November 10, 2018 at the TÜYAP Fair Congress and Convention Center, Büyükçekmece. The fair will be open for nine days and close on the evening of Sunday, November 18.
Some 800 Turkish and foreign publishers and nongovernmental organizations take part in the fair under the main theme of “Surrounding Life with Literature” with almost 300 events, workshops for children, lectures by authors and thousands of autograph sessions bringing writers together with their readers.
Writer of Honor Selim İleri
Selim İleri, the Writer of Honor of the 37th International Istanbul Book Fair, will meet his readers in events and autograph sessions during the fair. The first of the two Selim İleri Literature panels organized by Everest Publishing and TÜYAP will take place on November 10 with moderator Doğan Hızlan and speakers Ayşe Sarısayın, Gül İrepoğlu and Beşir Ayvazoğlu. The second session will be held on Sunday, November 18 with moderator Metin Celal and speakers Turhan Günay, Atilla Birkiye, Fatih Altuğ, Handan İnci and Filiz Aygündüz. This will be followed by a panel discussion on "Selim İleri and Future Generations" moderated by Eray Ak with speakers Jale Sancak, Sibel Oral, Onur Caymaz and Burcu Aktaş.
On November 11, Türkan Şoray and Faruk Şüyün will have a conversation on “My Friend Selim”.
A selection of photographs and texts from the book prepared for the 37th International Istanbul Book Fair Writer of Honor Selim İleri will be available for viewing in the main entrance / upstairs foyer throughout the fair.
November 10 Atatürk Memorial Day and Atatürk Week
On occasion of November 10 Atatürk Memorial Day and Atatürk Week, the opening day of the fair will feature a number of events to remember Mustafa Kemal Atatürk at TÜYAP. İpek Çalışlar and Teyfur Erdoğdu will discuss “A Closer Look at Mustafa Kemal Atatürk” in a panel organized by Yapı Kredi Publishing, and Sinan Meydan will give a lecture titled “The Atatürk Effect” hosted by İnkılap Publishing. Mustafa Kemal Ulusu will join an interview on “Just Beside Atatürk”. Uçanbalık Publishing and Aytül Akal will host an event for young readers titled “Being Atatürk”.
A First at TÜYAP: Meeting of Illustrators and Publishers
Delivering on its mission to be a platform for all stakeholders of the publishing industry, TÜYAP organizes the first meeting of illustrators and publishers. In partnership with the Turkish Publishers Association, a call was sent out to all illustrators, and 35 publishers and 64 illustrators have responded to the first direct meeting between illustrators and publishers. A selection of the attending illustrators' works will be on display in the exhibition Magical Images” Exhibition by Illustration and Animation Artists in Hall 12 throughouot the fair.
New in the Fair: "Event Area"
A special event area has been designed with the younger readership in mind. The open event area in Hall 12 will host author Sevim Korkmaz Dinç and "Cuba Travel Notes" on Wednesday, November 14; illustrator Rewhat in association with OT magazine on “Drawing” on Thursday, November 15; and Uykusuz artist Uğur Gürsoy will discuss “The Creative Processes of Fırat and Baattin” with his readers. On Friday, November 16, social media book writers Asena Özoral, Kübra Yanıktepe, Sena Nur Işık, Eren Nadir Akşamoğlu and Gizem Olcay will discuss “The Impact of Social Media on Reading Culture”. Also on Friday, cartoonist Selçuk Erdem will have a drawing workshop, and "Çukur" TV series cast members Yamaç Okur, Sıddık Akbayır and Gökhan Horzum will have a talk session with viewers. The last event in the area will be a session by cartoonist Cem Güventürk titled "Almost You, Just Like Me".
The Whistler/Ara Güler Exhibition
We remember the recent passing of photo journalist Ara Güler with an exhibition at TÜYAP.  The first publication of the Ara Güler Museum, Man Whistling, beckons viewers to reinterpret the visual storytelling of Ara Güler through his work in different disciplines.  The compilation of biographical elements in the collection of the Ara Güler Archive and Research Center focuses on the urban history of Istanbul and the meaning given to records which illustrate periods that have shaped individual and collective memory, exposing the world of Ara Güler, who rose to international prominence in the second half of the 20th century with photos of Istanbul and Turkey in general, as a storyteller who makes, writes, records and conveys. The exhibition will be open in Hall 12 throughout the fair.
Other Exhibitions in the Fair
TÜYAP organized an exhibition titled "A Master An Archive / Tekin Sönmez And Literature Magazine Yansıma" to commemorate the 40th year of the long-lived Yansıma literature journal led by author Tekin Sönmez.  Located in Hall 12, the exhibition will appeal to readers of all generations.
Demkar Publications will hold an exhibition titled "Exhibition: İstanbul 100th Anniversary of Liberation" with a selection of researcher Atilla Oral’s personal archive in Hall 12. 
The 37th International Istanbul Book Fair will be held concurrently with the 28th Istanbul Art Fair-ARTIST 2018. The fair will be open between 10 am and 7 pm during the week and between 10 am and 8 pm on the weekend.  The fair will close at 7 pm on Sunday, November 18. Admission is free for students, teachers, children, retirees and disabled persons.  Regular admission is TL 8. Tickets are sold online and at the venue entrance.
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