The 26th appointment of the packaging industry started for the first time in a hybrid format at Tüyap

22.10.2021The first hybrid meeting of the packaging industry started at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center. Eurasia Packaging Istanbul Fair, organized by Reed Tüyap Fair Organization in cooperation with Packaging Manufacturers Association with the support of numerous institutions steering the development of the sector, will bring together its 60.000 visitors both from the country and from abroad for the 26th time. The fair, commencing with the ceremony organized, will display the newest products of R&D and innovation works of packaging industry at Tüyap until October 23. The fair, which will enable the packaging industry experience a hybrid fair for the first time, will provide the participants with the opportunity of establishing efficient business networks on digital environment via Business Connect Program, as well as the physical fair.
Eurasia Packaging Istanbul Fair, has opened its doors to fair visitors at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center in Istanbul, in cooperation with Reed Tüyap Fair Organization Inc. and Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) with the supports of Packaging Machinery Producers Association (AMD), Flexible Packaging Manufacturers Association (FASD), Label Manufacturers Association (ESD), Carton-board Packaging Manufacturers' Association (KASAD), Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association (MASD), Corrugated Cardboard Industrial Association (OMÜD) and Rigid Plastic Packaging Manufacturers Association (SEPA). Eurasia Packaging Fair, held simultaneously with Food and Beverage Processing Technologies Fair, Food-Tech, will be open for visitors until October 23, 2021. The fair, bringing together 60.000 visitors both from the country and from abroad, brings together more than 1.000 participants both from the country and from abroad every year. Eurasia Packaging Istanbul Fair will be organized in hybrid format for the first time this year and will introduce the new generation fair organization experience to industry representatives. Besides, it is expected that about 10.000 international visitors from more than 100 countries will come to the fair.
"We target about 60 thousand visitors"
General Manager of Reed Tüyap Fair Organization Ali Muharremoğlu, stating that they will welcome more than 1000 trademark and trademark representatives from 33 countries at Food-Tech Eurasia Fair, held simultaneously with Eurasia Packaging Istanbul Fair, said the following: "We have filled all 14 halls at the fair, which will take place on an indoor area of 120 thousand square meters. We have reached our pre-pandemic level again. We could not organize the fair in 2020 due to the pandemic but we did not stop working. Within 2 years, we have accomplished very intensive domestic and foreign promotional activities. During these activities, we have observed that there was a huge interest in our fair. We created records from more than 115 countries. In addition to 10.000 foreign visitors, we also welcome about 1000 procurement committees from 30 countries, including Russia, Iran, the Middle East, the Balkans, the Caucasus and North Africa at our fair. We target about 60 thousand visitors in total. We also enable our visitors, who cannot join us due to the pandemic, to meet with participating companies online. The interactions we have started between the participants and the visitors before the fair, will last until November 5."
"We aim to reach the size of 50 billion dollars in 2030"
President of the Board of Directors of Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD), Zeki Sarıbekir, stating that Eurasia Packaging Istanbul Fair is the largest packaging fair held in the Middle East and Europe, said the following: " We are organizing the fair for the 26th time this year. From this point of view, we have grown exactly 40 times in 26 years. Every year we bring together an average of 60 thousand visitors at our fair. In 2019, 8500 foreigners visited our fair. This year, we will welcome more than 10.000 foreign visitors. We are proud of this. These visitors will increase the export of the industry by supplying their products thanks to the fair." Noting that packaging consumption has doubled in the last 15 years, Sarıbekir gave the following information regarding the goals of the industry: "Turkish packaging industry is well on the way towards becoming the packaging center of Eurasia. Our industry is growing rapidly. As an industry, our competitiveness and potential are high. The products of the Turkish packaging sector are exported directly and indirectly to 180 countries in the world. Our turnover, which was 23 billion dollars in 2019, reached 25 billion dollars in 2020. We aim to reach a total size of 28 billion dollars in by the end of this year. The value of our exports was 5 billion 147 million dollars last year. Within the first 6 months of 2021, the export value was 3 billion 44 million dollars. Our turnover surplus was 1 billion 222 million dollars. As the packaging industry, we believe that we will reach our goals of minimum 28 billion dollars of market size and 6,5 billion dollars of export in 2021. We are about to reach 30 billion dollars, which is our 2023 goal. We target 8 billion dollars of export and 380 dollars of annual consumption per capita in 2023. Our new goal is to reach a market size of 50 billion dollars in 2023".
Students competed
The results of 17th Packaging Design International Students Competition, organized on the first day of Eurasia Packaging Istanbul Fair in cooperation with Packaging Manufacturers Association and Tüyap, have been announced. 92 projects applied to the competition, in which students intensively participated. 18 projects have been awarded. The students ranking the first 3, have been entitled to an educational scholarship from Tüyap and Packaging Manufacturers Association for 12 months.
Turnkey solutions meet under one roof
At the Eurasia Packaging Istanbul Fair, all kinds of turnkey solutions from packaging products to packaging machinery, from food and beverage processing machinery to packaging printing technologies will meet under one roof. At Eurasia Packaging Istanbul and the simultaneously organized Food-Tech Eurasia Fairs, Tüyap will introduce the packaging industry and food and beverage processing industry with digital solutions that they offer to their participants and visitors. The Participants will be able to communicate with visitors in a digital environment through Business Connect Program developed by Tüyap, even if they are not present in the fairground. Through online solutions to be offered after the fairs, an uninterrupted business development platform with online solutions, will be created for exhibitors and visitors.
The communication will continue after the fair.
Thanks to Online Networking Days to be organized on October 25 - November 5 within the scope of Business Connect Program series of events, the participating companies and visitors will be able to maintain their communication online after the fairs BACK TO PREVIOUS PAGE