The Packaging Industry will address the World from Istanbul - Tüyap

11.10.2021Tüyap Fair and Congress Center has completed its preparations for the first hybrid meeting of the packaging industry. Eurasia Packaging Istanbul Fair, organized by Reed Tüyap Fair Organization in cooperation with Packaging Manufacturers Association with the support of numerous institutions steering the development of the sector, will welcome its visitors for the 26th time on October 20-23. 
The fair, which will be held in hybrid format for the first time at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center in Istanbul this year, will offer exhibitors the opportunity to establish efficient business connections in a digital environment via the Business Connect Program, in addition to the physical fair. The industry, crowning its success in export in the first 6 months, will introduce its brand-new products, which are the outcome of R&D and innovation studies, to the countries of the World, from Istanbul - Tüyap.
The packaging industry has increased its exports compared to the previous years, thus managed to increase the added value even more that it contributes to the economy. The industry, realizing export activities in the amount of 3 billion 44 million dollars, increased its export by 6 percentage in terms of amount and 26 percentage in terms of value, compared to the same period of the previous year. Total packaging export, which was 1.39 million tons in the first half of 2020, was 1.48 million ton in the same period of 2021 with an increase of 6 percent. The sector strengthened its position in the economy with a foreign trade surplus of 1 billion 222 million dollars during this period, despite the pandemic.
With the impact of the global pandemic, changing the balance of both in the world and in Turkey, the sector gained a strategic importance for numerous products from medicines to cleaning supplies, as well as food and beverages. Awareness in regard to use of packaged products, raised with the pandemic, mobilized packaging manufacturers, as well. Innovations developed within the scope of R&D and innovation studies, such as smart label, smart packaging, customized packaging, hygienic packaging, are expected to shape the future of the sector. 
Preparations for the hybrid event of the packaging industry have been completed
Eurasia Packaging Istanbul Fair, which will be held at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center in Istanbul between the dates October 20th - 23rd, 2021 in cooperation with Reed Tüyap Fair Organization Inc. and Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) with the supports of Packaging Machinery Producers Association (AMD), Flexible Packaging Manufacturers Association (FASD), Label Manufacturers Association (ESD), Association of Cardboard Packaging Manufacturers (KASAD), Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association (MASD), Corrugated Cardboard Industrial Association (OMÜD) and Rigid Plastic Packaging Manufacturers Association (SEPA), will offer a hybrid fair experience to its visitors this year.
It will provide competitive advantage
Berkan Öner who is the Assistant General Manager of Packaging, Food Processing and Medical groups of Reed Tüyap Fair Organization, noting that they have made great contributions to the development of the sector with Eurasia Istanbul Packaging Fair they have been organizing for 26 years, said "The packaging sector, increasing its success in export every year, will introduce its products, services and solutions with cutting-edge technologies to the World through Eurasia Istanbul Packaging Fair this year. The representatives of the sector will have competitive advantage by meeting visitors from all over the World through digital platform, as well as physical fair environment".
Game changing developments in packaging
Öner, drawing attention to the game changing developments in packaging with the pandemic, stated the following in regard to the topic: "Through our fair, which we will organize as hybrid for the first time this year, we will bring our exhibitors and visitors together in digital environment via Business Connect Program, as well as physical fair environment. We will create an efficient cooperation environment for the packaging sector, which has canalized to technological investments with the impact of the pandemic. Thanks to the platform we have developed, the exhibitor companies will be able to promote their products digitally and visitors will be able have dialogues and interactions with the exhibitor companies. In the sector, where game changing developments have been occurring, the key to the success lies in technological investments. Thanks to our fair, we will create inspirations for our companies to adapt to the new dynamics of the sector."
It is enlightening the future of the sector
Eurasia Packaging Istanbul Fair, which will be held simultaneously with the Food-Tech Eurasia Fair, will introduce its all kinds of turn-key solutions from packaging products to packaging machinery, from food and beverage processing machinery to packaging printing technologies, to the visitors. The fair, bringing more than 1000 exhibitors from the country and abroad at a single place, creates an efficient business development platform for the representatives of the sector in this aspect. It expands its sphere of influence with an average of 60,000 domestic and foreign visitors, as well as almost 1000 VIP visitors from more than 100 countries every year.
New generation fair organization experience with digital solutions
Eurasia Packaging Istanbul and the simultaneously organized Food-Tech Eurasia Fairs will introduce the packaging industry and food and beverage processing industry with digital solutions that they offer to their exhibitors and visitors. Eurasia Packaging Istanbul and Food-Tech Eurasia Fairs that will be organized in a hybrid format for the first time will bring the exhibitors and visitors together before the fairs, during the fairs and after the fairs through online solutions it offers. 
Negotiations will begin before the fair
The exhibitors will be able to communicate with visitors in a digital environment through Business Connect Program developed by Tüyap, even if they are not present in the fairground.
The first of the series of online events PACK DAYS, is on October 6-7
At PACK DAYS, the first online event of Eurasia Packaging and Food-Tech Fairs, the exhibitors and visitors will have the opportunity to meet with their potential customers and to establish new business partnerships before the physical fair. The exhibitor companies in the packaging products and machinery, food and beverage processing, printing and converting sectors will be able to meet with their target visitors via the online platform on October 6 and 7.
The connections will continue after the fair
Thanks to Online Networking Days to be organized on October 25 - November 5 within the scope of Business Connect Program series of events, the exhibitors and professional visitors will be able to maintain their communication online after the fairs.
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