The WoodTech Fair, the largest event gathering the woodworking industry, opened its doors with recording %30 growth year-to-year

The Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center in Istanbul has begun to welcome the exhibitors and visitors of the WoodTech Fair. This year's WoodTech Fair, which marks the 36th gathering of the woodworking industry, opened its doors on October 19th!

The Turkish woodworking machinery industry attracts a great deal of interest from global markets with its state-of-the-art machinery solutions. Now it's time to showcase them at the WoodTech Fair! Organized at the Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center in Istanbul in collaboration with the Woodworking Machinery Industrialists Association (AIMSAD) and the European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers (EUMABOIS), the WoodTech Fair is open to its visitors on October 19-23, 2023 (from Thursday to Monday).

More than 320 companies and company representatives from the woodworking industry have filled the exhibition halls at WoodTech. This year's WoodTech Fair is being held across 10 halls, and leading companies of the woodworking industry from Türkiye and abroad have taken their places at the fair. The Fair is expected to attract approx. 24,000 professional visitors, including 4,000 international visitors from nearly 100 countries.

The 36th edition of the WoodTech Fair meets the expectations of the industry
In its 36th year, the fair aims to meet all the expectations of industry, bringing together the important components of the woodworking technologies sector. Visitors from various countries, including especially countries in the Middle East, Europe, the Balkans, North Africa, the Eurasia as well as Russia, booked their places at the fair.

An ever-increasing target of growth
RX Tüyap General Manager Berkan Öner states that the WoodTech Fair has begun with immediate success to celebrate its 36th year with a record high growth of 30% and explains "This year marks the first time that we are holding the fair as the sole organizer. Our initial observations show that we are already reaping the benefits of this decision. A large number of domestic and foreign businesspeople are attending the thirty sixth edition of the fair which has opened its doors across 10 halls with a 30% growth compared to the previous year. We expect that the added trade volume of the purchasing committees from foreign countries will give a significant boost to the woodworking industry's export figures. I'd like to emphasize that we are holding one of the most efficient fairs in the Eurasia region and achieving even higher growth targets every year in terms of the number of visitors and exhibitors. I hope that the fair be productive to the entire industry and would like to thank AİMSAD, EUMABOIS and all our stakeholders".

Great excitement: WoodTech is now stronger than ever as a standalone event
This represents the first year in which the WoodTech Fair, which is the largest gathering event of the woodworking machinery industry, is being held as a standalone event on its own date. İsmet Toktaş, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AİMSAD, explains this decision: "WoodTech is one of Türkiye's most renowned and long-running fairs. However, as we all know, the companies couldn't find spaces to exhibit at our fair, which ran concurrently with the Intermob expo. As AİMSAD, we often received feedback and suggestions from our members during both the fair and other occasions on how to resolve certain problems with the fair. We engaged with RX Tüyap to let them know that we wanted the fairs to be held as separate, independent events. Following extensive, mutual conversations, RX Tüyap confirmed this perspective, and we agreed to host this year's event independently, which is highly significant for our business, based on shared ideas. All AIMSAD member companies are looking forward to the WoodTech Fair, which will take place on October 19-23. I believe that this fair, for which we are all prepared with all our devotion, will be a huge success."

A wide range of products addressing every need of the industry
The WoodTech Fair allows its visitors to explore every aspect of the woodworking industry. The fair exhibits a wide range of products such as machinery and equipment for forestry products, logs, and timber products; wood processing machinery and equipment; surface treatment machinery and equipment; packaging machinery and equipment; conveyors, handling and storage equipment; cutting tools, retaining tools and other equipment; dust collection, ventilation and filtration systems; drying ovens, impregnation systems and boilers as well as industrial software. These comprehensive product groups make a great contribution to the businesses in the industry by allowing visitors to the fair to get to know and experience the latest technologies in the industry. The WoodTech Fair offers a perfect platform to meet the needs of industry professionals and to develop new business contacts. BACK TO PREVIOUS PAGE