Tüyap, The Center of Safe Trade



Trade fairs, one of the essential channels of commerce, which were interrupted at the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic, which seriously took the world under its influence and almost stopped international trade, started to reopen their doors as of September. 

While the fairs are getting ready to be the center of the economy as usual, Tüyap Fairs and Exhibitions Group, which organizes more than 80 trade fairs every year, has prepared for the new period with all precautions to ensure that trade and business are carried out in a healthy environment! During the period which trade fairs are not organized, Tüyap Fairs Group has made plans according to all the requirements of the new normal and has been ready for the hybrid model for years, announced to all its stakeholders how the fairs will be in the new period with a series of regulations and precautions with the motto of "Health First for Trade". Tüyap has digitized many processes in its fair areas for health first and will offer all the possibilities of its digital infrastructure to its exhibitors and visitors to provide them safe business with contact-free fairs. Additionally, the arrangements made for everyone who physically comes to the fair area to do business with peace of mind have been corresponded. Tüyap has become the first and only fair organizer to get COVID-19 Safe Service Certificate which is given by Turkish Standards Institution.


Contact-free fair experience is offered free of charge to all exhibitors and visitors of Tüyap Fairs & Exhibitions Group. Visitors who plan to visit the fairs can get the fair invitation via MyTüyap mobile app, create the name badge for the fair, enter the fair areas by scanning the QR code on the mobile app without the need for any extra printed card, make one-to-one meetings in areas arranged in accordance with the social distance rule or online call areas with QR code and also can share their digital business card through MyTüyap app. 

Tüyap Board Member and Strategic Marketing Executive Vice President Mrs. Zeynep Ünal Öztop made a statement relevant to this issue, "We are experiencing the negative effects of the pandemic process that paralyzes commercial life unfortunately, but with the investments we have made in digital systems for many years, we are implementing the contact-free fair experience for all our stakeholders in such a difficult times, based on the idea of 'Health First for Trade', and we take all precautions in our fairgrounds” she said. 

Also Mrs. Öztop has expressed that they have been prepared for the season in a strong manner for months by obtaining the “COVID-19 Safe Service Certificate” of Turkish Standards Institution with contact-free fair experience and the measures taken at the fair areas and she explained the physical precautions they have taken as follows, 

“As Tüyap Fairs Group, we care about the health of our stakeholders and take a series of measures for this issue. It is possible to say that we are getting ready for the new season with great care since March with additional precautions such as increased hygiene practices in accordance with the guidelines of the Turkish Ministry of Health, revision of common areas in accordance with social distance, density control and crowd management in our fairgrounds, improvement of ventilation systems, compliance of food services with the hygiene rules and visitor acceptance to the fair areas with HES code*. In addition, I would like to give the good news that we are the first and only fair organizer to be entitled to receive COVID-19 Safe Service Certificate by fulfilling the requirements of the COVID-19 Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Control Certification Program of the Turkish Standards Institution." 

Tüyap is going to organize approximately 20 fairs in the last quarter of the year. The information guide prepared by them regarding COVID-19 precautions can be accessed on www.tuyap.com.tr/en  

* HES code: It is a digital proof that visitor / traveller is not currently affected by COVID-19 which is an official application by Turkish Ministry of Health.