A fruitful fair: Machinery worth US$ 20 million sold - World Mill Tech

25.04.2018Organized for the first time in Turkey by TÜYAP Fairs and Fair Services Inc. in cooperation with Milling Machinery Producer Association (DESMÜD) and supported by Turkish Flour Industrialists’ Federation (TUSAF), Turkish Feed Manufacturers’ Association (TÜRKİYEM-BİR) and International Association for Cereal Science and Technology (ICC), World Milling Machinery Technologies and Side Industry Fair has ended. The fair held at TÜYAP comprised four halls covering an indoor area of 30.000 sqm to host 190 brands and 127 companies from 16 countries. With visitors coming all around Turkey, a total number of 6,019 people had the opportunity to examine the latest technology products in the industry and strike a deal. Visitors from 68 countries, mainly from Algeria, Tanzania, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Lebanon, Uzbekistan, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Palestine, Romania, India, Pakistan, Oman, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine, attended the fair. One of the most fulfilling aspects of the fair was that the interest for the Turkish machines translated into sales. More than 600 machines were sold to 27 countries, landing US$ 20 million in exports.
Pledge to support R&D
During his opening speech at the fair, Hasan Ali Çelik, the Deputy Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, talked about the R&D Reform Package and told that they had recently made investments to strengthen the R&D and Design Center. Mr. Çelik said, “If businesses want to establish an R&D center, we have support and incentive programs for them. We also support academics and students who will be working at these centers. There are 184 businesses in the milling industry. I promise all of you, if you do not have an R&D center, the ministry is at your disposal so that you can deliver quality production and manufacture original products that would increase our current export value of US$ 12.5”.
50% growth in 2018
Zeki Demirtaşoğlu, President of DESMÜD, stated that, in the milling machinery industry, 95% of production was export-oriented and that the average export price per kilogram had been boosted from US$ 1.5 to US$ 12,5. He noted that they had an investment plan for US$ 120 million in 2018 and 2019. “With this investment, we aim to increase the average export price per kilogram to around US$ 18-20. Our aim is to secure 50% growth in 2018 and at least 40% growth in 2019”.
İlhan Ersözlü, General Manager of Tüyap Fairs and Fair Services Inc., noted that they also received significant support from international unions and associations in making this fair a reality for Turkey.  He added: “We would like to extend our thanks to unions and associations overseas for their support such as Union ‘Millers of Ukraine’, the Romanian National Association of Flour Milling and Baking Industries, Flour Millers Association of Kazakhstan, Egyptian Milling Association, Bread/Milling Association of Uzbekistan and The National Federation of Milling”.