• Advertising Channel
    Column Wraps at the Outer Court
  • 7 columns (each column with 4 sides). Firms can rent maximum 3 columns
  • Sizes

    95 cm w x 235 cm h (area to be seen)

    97 cm w x 238 cm h (area to be seen)

  • Technical Applications
    Column wraps with 4 sides.Column wrap material and set up fall under the responsibility of Tüyap.


Columns are located in front of the area where visitors register before entering the fair, at the meeting point of visitors, waiting for entering the fair.

The court area where they stand is intensely used by exhibitors, visitors and VIP visitors arriving at the fair area, either on foot, or per vehicle. Due to their location the columns can easily attract attention.

It's an effective and prestigious advertising tool for the firms, who want to maximize exposure of their brands.